Well, as those of you from the gym now realise, I love Halloween!! I also love cooking so I usually get quite excited about coming up with new recipes using seasonal foods. I had an un-carved small pumpkin still sitting on my living room table this morning just asking to be turned into something to fulfil its festive purpose so I thought why not try pancakes subbing my usual banana for pumpkin. They turned out even better than I had hoped and I’m definitely going to grab some tinned pumpkin to make these out of season too. Check out my recipe below…

The flesh of 1 small pumpkin (save the seeds for roasting)
2 x Eggs
Greek Yoghurt, pomegranate jewels, flaked almonds, grated nutmeg and of course pumpkin seeds to top!

2 Ingredient Pancakes

Note for more detailed step by step eggy pancake instructions see my earlier blog

1. Blend pumpkin flesh and eggs until smooth
2. Add a pinch of cinnamon, nutmeg and mixed spice & stir
3. Spoon mixture onto a hot griddle or lightly oiled (coconut oil) pan and spread until forming small even circles
4. When the outer edges on the upper-side have solidified it’s time to flip with caution
5. Cook on reverse for a couple of minutes until browned
6. Layer with your favourite fillings and stack