So, with my recent Huawei Snappy nomination I’m realising that my pancakes seem to be grabbing peoples attention and while I’m not claiming 2 Ingredient pancakes to be my creation I figured it was worth sharing the “recipe” (if indeed you can call it that) so you can get on board and try them for yourself. The absence of grain in the batter makes for a less stodgy and slightly more eggy texture which actually suits me perfectly as normally I abhor pancakes! However, if you find the texture is not to your liking you can blitz 1/3 cup of porridge oats in a blender until you have a fine flour and add it a bit at a time until you have a smooth thick batter (final image below is a stack made with oats as well as banana and egg so you can see the slightly thicker end product). I will admit these took a couple of tries before I had them perfected so I will give you a little more detail than just bullet points here to save you the failed attempts I had!

Ingredients (per stack):
1 Medium Banana
2 Eggs
Toppings – fruit, pure nut butter, nuts, seeds, cinnamon & greek yoghurt

Healthy Pancakes

1. Heat Pan/Griddle/Skillet
Before you make your batter this is where you should start – if the mixture goes onto anything but a searing hot pan you will run into trouble come flip time. I picked up an electric griddle in Lidl during the summer and it is absolutely perfect for making pancakes. Don’t panic though, a pan will work too just a good non stick one or if it’s a bit worse for wear melt some coconut oil and lightly grease the base.

2. Blend Banana & Eggs
I say blend because mashing the banana and whisking the eggs in often meant there were lumps in my mixture unless the bananas were really ripe. I pop these into my nutribullet and blitz until a smooth batter – this is what you want a completely smooth and combined batter.

3. Pour onto Pan
I use about a tablespoon measure for each of these and then with the back of the spoon smear it out to make a nice even and thin enough circle. I usually get 5 – 6 pancakes from 1 banana and 2 eggs.

4. Flip
These pancakes are a very different texture to normal ones and the absence of a grain means that they are a lot more delicate so flipping can be tricky. I should mention here this is one reason why I find it best to keep them small. When the outer edges start to solidify and just the centre remains wet thats a good time to flip. a super thin spatula will work best here loosening under the pancake before lifting and flipping over. If when you flip you find the underside has not yet browned don’t panic, leave it as it is for a minute or two before flipping back over again – do not try to flip it back straight away as it is likely to break in the middle.

5. Stack, Top & Eat!
Layer pancakes one on top of the other adding toppings as you go. These look awesome stacked high with the toppings peaking out from each layer. I usually combine a nut butter, fruit, nuts and/or seeds and some greek yoghurt. I almost always sprinkle cinnamon on top too! For the pancakes in my snap below I used bananas, raspberries, blueberries, cashew nut butter, chopped almonds and chopped toasted hazelnuts.

These are so good for kids and if you fill bowls with chopped fruit, nuts and other toppings and leave them in the centre of the table I guarantee you they will have an absolute ball building their own stack.