So, this past week I let things slip a little… I was away with work for a couple of nights and then came home to some much needed downtime on St. Patricks day. Perhaps I relaxed a bit too much as I’m still struggling to get my head back in the game this week despite being back working since Sunday morning but hey, thats ok I guess!

I did create a week 3 video last Tuesday as usual, but only realised while typing this blog that it never uploaded to YouTube because of the poor bandwidth from my hotel room (my week 2 video hung during the processing phase 2 weeks ago so all in all youtube has not gone well for me!). They are all up there now though and sure if you didn’t get into the week 3 part of Mindful March just add it on to this week or give it a go whenever you fancy!

Mindful exercise is all about focusing on the present time, listening to your body, enjoying the surroundings and the feeling from the exercise you are taking part in. It is about tuning out of the chaos or noise in your life and just focusing on yourself and your body. This gap in the noise can massively reduce your feelings of stress or anxiety and usually results in an uplifting of your mood.

Mindful Walking

Walking is a brilliant (and free!) way to exercise mindfully. Pick your route, dress accordingly and pop in earphones with a guided meditation or some relaxing music. Or, if you are lucky enough to be out of the city you can just tune into the sound of your surroundings, perhaps the sea lapping on the shore, or birds tweeting in the trees. Whatever it is immerse yourself in your surroundings and you will find it easy to remain present. If your mind wanders to dinner or business or any other distractions just let those thoughts pass over and re tune into your surroundings. Inhale deeply noticing the smell of spring around you.


Yoga is perhaps the most obvious mindful exercise and for this I really must offer a huge thanks to the fabulous Yoga with Emma who has posted videos, photos and “how to’s” of many yoga poses as part of our mindful march campaign to try to help increase accessibility to anyone anywhere. I am so grateful for her help and encourage you to follow her on social media for ongoing awesome yogi advice – facebook, Instagram or twitter.  The focus on your breath and the movement really helps focus the noisy mind and I can personally vouch for this as its one of the few exercises I can complete mindfully with ease!

Other Forms of Exercise

Swimming is another great option as many people like the sound of the water and the peace it brings. Generally, I find any exercise that is challenging enough for me requires total focus and hence stops my mind from wandering so thus becomes mindful. You’ve got to find what works for you!

Enjoy the challenge this week and don’t forget to let me know how you get on..