Ok, so this week for #MindfulMarch we are focusing on gratitude and journalling. From chatting with my peers it seems so many of us journaled throughout our teens to help vent and express our anger at the world or sometimes our unending joy and love! Either which way writing about our feelings was an emotional outlet for us as teens and there seems to be a belief now that we are mature and fully developed adults that there is no space, or indeed need, for a diary. So, to task you all with Gratitude and/or Journalling for this week’s focus may seem like a challenge. Don’t be put off – PLEASE! I began consciously working on gratitude back in 2014 and although I still tend to dip in and out of it I know it really makes a difference to my mood which is why I would like to focus on it this week. You have two choices:

1. Gratitude

For this you simply need to list 3 things each day that you are thankful for and why. That’s it. If you can commit to it for a minimum of the week and aim for a month it would be awesome. It is believed that when we take time out of our day to notice even just the small things that we are thankful for that it is significant enough to make a difference to our mood. So when I say give it a go it can be as basic as a numbered list – 1.2.3. It will take just 3 minutes before bed yet can have a hugely valuable impact.

2. Journalling

This really just requires a more detailed entry about your thoughts, feelings and emotions. The process of writing them down makes you self aware and can also help provide clarity on issues that you have been mulling over for too long. It is often a very effective “line in the sand” tool. If you have a particular problem or upset that you can’t seem to get past – just write it all down listing exactly how you feel without the fear or reprisal or the need for justification and then, let it just be. Leave it behind you and carry on unburdened and feeling lighter!

So maybe now I’ve convinced you to have a go but you don’t know how to get started? Well go and get yourself a beautiful new notebook that is only crying out to be written in daily and take it from there. If you need inspiration check out my Snapchat (Coach Suzi @CornerShopGym) and my Instagram account too!

My week 2 video I filmed on 9th March wouldn’t upload so I had to go back and do this again… apologies for the delay: