Well then, I survived the weekend!! It was actually a lot easier than I had expected but I think that’s because my motivation is right.. I’m doing this for me and for something I really want to achieve so I guess that makes it easier to follow through.



The first few days were hard as I was still off work so missed chilling with a drink… lesson 1, I associate downtime with drinking – NOT GOOD! I had a full diary for the week so it wasn’t really something I gave a thought to until Friday evening came around. Himself got tickets to Jason Byrne from yours truly for Christmas so we were off out for the night and I decided to drive to make sure my will would not bend. Actually it didn’t bother me at all and driving and parking saved us at least €30 in taxis so thats another major bonus! I sipped quite happily on my soda water and lime but noticed that I munched through a lot more Malteasers than I usually would!

Then came Saturday – a BIG day! I was to be godmother at my best friend’s beautiful daughter Ella’s christening. To say this was a big deal is an understatement. I lived with my friend and her hubby for 6 months many years ago and to say we drank our way through that summer is another understatement!! We are friends who when we get together always have the funniest and most random nights out filled with laughter, dancing and often booze too. However my anticipation was unwarranted as actually everyone was quite supportive or indifferent, what I mean to say is they didn’t buy me a drink and tell me the one wont hurt. The fact that Ella is a second child helped as her Christening was more like a kindergarden party with so many kids and parents in tow who were ferrying them about in cars, not quite the session baby number 1’s christening turned into! Smug as I offered to drive my friends home due to the rain and then they invited us in for “one”. This was at 6pm.

I'm a Godmother!

For me “one” was a coffee and my 2 friends and himself took into the champagne and whiskey to toast little Ella’s big day *wail* Champagne was definitely what we call a serious challenge – I LOVE CHAMPAGNE 🙁

Anyway, sipping on my coffee as they all got jolly “one” turned into lots and the four of us ended up in her kitchen ’til about 1am drinking and chatting and laughing … there may also have been some dancing too!! I stuck to the diet coke and water and actually was surprised to learn… lesson 2 that when you are with really good friends you don’t need to be boozing with them to have the same craic as always. Again though I noticed that there was definitely more chocolate than usual consumed, curious to see if there is a pattern developing.

So that was it! I again drove home had an awesome nights sleep and woke up fresh as a crisp morning breeze on Sunday.

Week 1 DONE!This week we have several birthdays, a work night away (often have a drink in the bar with a book to pass the time) and another dreaded Friday evening – stay tuned for more progress. #OnTheDry