So Operation Transformation week one is over. We had our first weigh-in on Thursday night where lots of brave men and women stood on the scales and we recorded their number. I call it a number because thats all it is, a number that we are going to change! Generally speaking, I’m not the biggest advocate of weighing scales and am far happier to take my clients measurements it is part of the Million Pound Challenge and I do acknowledge that the action of getting on the scales each week can be very motivating for many! SuperValu Rathdowney very kindly gave us some of their OT Flyers with the shopping list and recipes included for members to pick up before heading off into the weekend with some tips and advice to keep on track. There was a local Operation Transformation 7k and 4k Walk in the grounds of Emo Court on Saturday that a couple of our members attended which was awesome.

Our Whatsaap group is going strong with lots of image shares of members meals, food prep and exercise – all contributing significantly to maintaining a high morale and great peer support. People are using it as a resource to get recipes and food ideas and also to connect with others for walks etc.

Operation Transformation Rathdowney Errill

Then on Monday we had our first talk and this weeks topic was Goalsetting. Following on from my new years post I spoke about the importance of making SMART goals that were achievable. We talked a a lot about each persons motivating factors and how they need to find happiness and confidence in their lifestyle not their weight. We spoke about the short term and the longer term, what to expect and probably most importantly after the weekend how to pick yourself back up and restart after a bad day or three! It seems we have the scheduling right with a weigh-in before the weekend keeping us focused and a talk on a Monday to help re-ignite the spark after perhaps a bit of a slip!

Later on that evening nine hardy group members met me up at Clover Utd Sports Grounds at 9pm to take part in the Beep Test. Not only was it absolutely baltic but it was raining too and not really what any of us want to be doing on a monday night. So a very big shout out and well done to those of you who pushed yourself to do it – MAJOR RESPECT to you! Everyone did their best and got their Stage number which we then hope to progress after 6 weeks of activity.

Beep Test
Our motto is #MoveMoreEatBetter If you would like to join us just pop down or contact me here at the club – its never too late to make a positive change! A further motivator is that all Operation Transformation Rathdowney Errill Talks and Weigh-ins are completely free and other activities will only carry a charge to cover costs not to make a profit.