So… there it is in all it’s scary glory “Susan McEntegart is On the Dry”


I had contemplated giving up the booze before christmas but sure as you can imagine that went down like a led balloon with anyone I floated the idea with, so feeling rather unsupported I dropped the idea but kept the intake reasonably low over the festive period. I’ll be honest and admit I drank on New Years Day because I hadn’t quite made the commitment at that stage but after a couple of glasses of bubbly with the family celebrating my little brothers engagement on New Years Day I decided that was it, time for a fresh start to boost my energy and mood.

Staying on the honest theme.. unlike many my motivation is not about physical health and cutting calories although thats a pleasant bonus. I actually decided to do this as part of my bid to be happier in 2016. I realise that sounds rather ungrateful, which I am not at all, let me explain… Its been a really tough year where I expanded my business with personal (and terrifying!) investment, I lost an Uncle suddenly and soon after my Granny passed on, I also said goodbye to some old and valued friendships as our directions in life changed so all in all 2015 has really taken its toll on my mental health. Stress seems to have become a normal state for me, sleep is erratic and a constant desire to achieve more and be better means that at times positivity is a challenge! I am an stereo-typical overachiever where I feel like i’ve not achieved anything and must stride harder and further to the next goal without noting or indeed enjoying the successes along the way. I’ve read a lot about the links between mood and alcohol and just decided if I really am serious about change why not give giving up a go? A very sad thing about our society is that the minute you mention mental health people run scared. God forbid we say anything like “life is a bit hard and I’m struggling” but in reality I meet people in my gym every single day who are struggling and its nothing to be ashamed of and I’m proving that with this post so I hope I haven’t lost you and you are still reading…

So now I’ve decided to give up the next challenge was telling people, it seems in Ireland when you tell people you are giving up alcohol and they think either a) You are pregnant or b) You are an alcoholic – I’m neither! In fact I’m not really a big drinker at all. I used to be in my college years and 20’s but the body is not as forgiving anymore and hangovers come easier and stay longer so I find its just not worth it, I also work a lot of hours and drive so need to be pretty sharp the day after the night before. However, I do really enjoy a few glasses of wine or cider on a Friday evening and will probably have another couple over the weekend, if a bottle of wine is open then I’m likely to have a glass of that when I get in from work during the week too. I like a good night out as much as the rest but that tends to be a very rare treat (Christmas time aside) so binge drinking is not a huge issue for me. I’ve never given up alcohol before and the thought of it does make me uneasy as well, I really do enjoy my wine in particular. I can’t imagine going out for dinner and not having a lovely glass or three of red not to mention the many celebrations this month that first caused my hesitation.

As an Irish Heart Foundation Heartsaver CPR Tutor I see the awesome work they do and think if I can raise any funds through sponsorship to help them it just makes the whole initiative even better. If you would like to contribute visit my IHF On The Dry profile here and remember every €1 counts so no expectations of large donations!

So… Now it’s official and I’m committed. Stay posted for updates as I progress. This weekend I have a christening which is particularly worrying!! #OnTheDry