Life is for living and I’m a firm believer that health & fitness needs to slot into your lifestyle in order to be completely effective. I wanted to explore some alternative options to enjoying the milder weather and long stretch in the days that summer brings so I sat down and considered my fitness resolutions for the next few months and combined some of my favourite things to do with some new challenges to tick off the bucket list. I’ve shared them below for you to consider adding to your own list of resolutions!

1. Visit Farmer Markets

What better way to stock up on your 10 a day than to do it via a leisurely stroll around a farmers market where the fruit and veg is fresh, seasonal and often available for tasting so you can try out some new options and get advice on serving suggestions too. Many local parks host them throughout the summer months. Believe me, your body will thank you for both the fresh air and the fresh food

2. Try a Water Sport

One thing we are not short of in Ireland is water and thus we have access to a huge range of water activities many of which can be a killer workout while having an absolute blast at the same time! Surfing, Sailing, Kite surfing, Kayaking, Scuba Diving, the list is endless and there is nowhere in Ireland too far from either the sea or a lake. Most water sports can be quite physically demanding and provide a total body workout by promoting joint mobility, engaging your core muscles, challenging your arm and leg muscles and finally, increasing your heart rate to give you a great cardiovascular workout too.  I’m booked in for a Tour of Dublin via a kayak with CP Adventure later this month and absolutely cannot wait for it.

 3. Hit the Beach

There is nothing I love more than long strolls along the beach on a cool Summer evening. You can walk miles without even noticing it because the surrounding is so pleasantly distracting. The salty sea air will improve any respiratory and skin conditions so it is really worth a try at least once this summer. If you are more adventurous take your Yoga Mat and experience a tougher workout on the uneven sands or go for a soft sand run. Soft Sand running can greatly enhance stability and engage muscles more than on a normal run. However, take caution as good running technique is extra important on the sand to prevent injury risks.

 4. Sea Swim

Long have I believed the world is divided into two sorts of people – those with admiration for the sea and those with a healthy fear of the sea! I fall into the latter section having only learnt to swim late in life despite my siblings being aqua babies, beach lifeguards and generally displaying all sorts of water proficiency, which I could not.  Having met one too many passionate sea swimmers I finally succumbed when my Twitter friend, Karen Bowers, finally convinced me to take the plunge – literally.  I had hoped to get out before writing this article but alas it’s not been possible so watch this space for some funny updates post dip!

 5. Join a Summer League

So perhaps this is the sportiest of them all but most of these leagues are set up with participation in mind and operate in a co-ed capacity with a strong social ethos underlying them. Check out your local authority parks to see what activities are hosted there – the closer to home or work the better as the less likely it is you will drop out! You can often join on your own or form a work team for some post work team building. Options include tennis, softball, tag rugby, 5-a-side soccer, and even golf. Pick one and go for it!

Let me know your thoughts and commit to your resolutions in the comment section below!

*If you enjoyed this please go check out All The Buzz Magazine where I contribute an article on Health and Fitness each Month alongside many other talented contributors on all things beauty, health, business and lifestyle related. The above tips came from my article in the June 2014 edition.