So, I mentioned this a few times but I am super excited to confirm that the BIG project I have been working on since December 2014 is a new gym! Its one of the reasons my blogging has been so erract also as there really are just not enough hours in the day right now while working on this new site and keeping the existing business ticking over all at the same time.

So the awesome news is that I finally found a suitable venue based in the midlands where I can both operate as a gym for the local community as well as using this as a training centre for my fitpro clients where they can see my teaching in practise. Its been a dream for a long time and I began the process by leaving my office and training room (and comfort zone!) earlier in 2014.

Why Rathdowney?

Well, as a business that delivers specialised training I have clients across Ireland and while I often deliver one to one coaching via Skype it is really necessary to have a venue for some of my training such as First Aid,  CPR and Manual Handling where there is a skills based element. I decided midlands would be my best bet having previously experienced clients reluctance to travel to Dublin if they were from further afield! – Check 1, Rathdowney is in Co Laois in the midlands, accessible from both the M8 & M7

Rathdowney is a great community but one that has suffered from the economic downturn. If you cannot drive you cannot access a gym and that was a clear opportunity. As many of you know I am so passionate about improving peoples lives be it by making their business better, teaching them how to use first aid skills to help someone else in distress or indeed via improving their own health, fitness and wellbeing I believe a fitness/activity business should be as readily available in every town in Ireland as the Corner Shop .  – Check 2, There was a need for fitness!

So thats why I’ve picked my venue and thats the initial exciting news. I have spent almost 6 months now working on the venue (its a conversion job so not an easy process!) but we are almost there. I am planning a soft launch for the summer with the doors to Corner Shop Gym Rathdowney opening by the end of May! *squeeeal*

Watch this space for more info, pics and updates on how I implemented my own training to open a successful fitness business!!